Five Factors In Choosing A Driving Instructor In Belfast

Not everyone has to go about choosing a driving instructor. Many start their driving lessons with their parents around the neighborhood and then finish with an official class at school. However, those that don’t receive training this way need to have a private professional teach them how to drive. The five factors in selecting a driving teacher are affordability, availability, graduation rates, vehicle considerations and insurance obligations.


1) Affordability is always the first consideration when shopping for any potential expense. Check at least three options to get a feel for the average market cost. Compare the options to see if the more expensive instructors in Belfast, NI, or courses have perks or incentives and extras that justify the extra expense. It’s sometimes a good idea to pay more for experienced instructors that provide their own vehicles and meet your schedule easily.

2) Hours of availability are a big consideration. Most likely, you will need your classes in the evenings and weekends to fit your work and life schedules. Make sure that instructors are available when you are not only free yourself, but in the right mindset to learn something new safely. Do try and avoid night-time or dark-sky driving until you are ready.

3) Ask any prospective instructor about his or her student graduation rates. Make sure you are getting lessons from a professional with a proven track record of success in getting people their licenses. An instructor that does not have this information is not automatically a bad teacher or hiding something, but it might still be indicative of not truly caring about the success of their students.

4) Who provides the vehicle? You have to learn how to drive in one, but do you need your own or will you train in a car the instructor provides, as many instruction businesses do? Make sure that you train in the right kind, as learning how to drive an automatic will not help you drive a manual transmission or stick-shift.

5) Insurance obligations are the last factor to consider. In most locations, insurance is mandatory when you have a driver’s license, but what about when training? Do you need to get your own temporary insurance, or does the instruction class also include insurance protection?

If you or someone you know is in the process of choosing a driving instructor like, use these five considerations to make sure you get a great one.